Google and the future of journalism

    Google Marissa Mayer spoke to the US Senate at a hearing on the future of journalism yesterday . As you know, journalism is a vital element of civil society. There are suspicions that Google may threaten its well-being and, therefore, threaten the entire democratic society.

    Marissa Mayer explained her company's position on contentious content claims by content creators, major American media outlets and news agencies (for example, Forbes media holding director recently said that Google makes about $ 60 million a year on its exclusive content). The position of the search giant is known: Google does not interfere with their work, but only helps by bringing new visitors to their sites. Marissa Mayer said that Google provides about 1 billion referrals per month to online newspaper sites.

    The fact that traditional media have to change their business models is a natural process. According to Mayer, the culture of information consumption by the population is changing. People now consume one piece of news material at a time, rather than one newspaper per sitting, as before, she said.

    Marissa Mayer also explained that Google is not the enemy of journalism, but on the contrary - it is becoming an indispensable tool for a modern journalist, without which he can not do quality work. Here is the full text of her speech (PDF) .

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