Online journalists go to jail more often than other forms of media

    If you still think that being a blogger and online journalist is insanely cool, because the revenue from various banner exchange services, AdWords and SAPE has recently scaled, then the International Committee for the Protection of Journalists ( Commeitee to Protect Journalists ) seeks to remind you that in fact not everything is so cloudless. Online journalists, including bloggers, today suffer more than representatives of any other form of media around the world. According to a recent study, online journalists now constitute the largest group of prisoners among all media.

    Of the 125 journalists imprisoned doing their work in 2008, 45% percent of them are: “bloggers, reporters for online publications, or their editors.” China still continues the 10-year-long initiative to imprison representatives of free speech and holds the first place in this field, while Cuba, Burma, Eritrea and Uzbekistan continue the list.

    And even despite the fact that compared to 2007, the figures have slightly decreased, the committee recalls that arrests most often happen to freelance journalists. If you think that sitting at home is difficult to get to you, I dare to disappoint you, the situation is just the opposite: without the support of large media companies behind you, lonely bloggers and writers do not have the resources to protect themselves.

    CPJ Committee Executive Director Joel Simon says: “Although the idea of ​​a proud blogger working in pajamas at home may seem very attractive to someone when it comes to persistent knocking on the door, no one can help them . We all must defend their rights - from Internet companies to other journalists and media moguls. The future of journalism is exclusively online, and we are now in a state of battle with enemies for freedom of the press and speech. ”

    The results of the movement against the regime can be very severe - CPJ compiled a complete list of imprisoned journalists and stories of their arrests. In Burma, for example, Nay Phone Latt started his own blog, in which he wrote from various Internet cafes, but angered the ruling party of Burma only by publishing cartoons of some generals. He was arrested on January 29, imprisoned, charged with “public insult” and sentenced to 20 years and 6 months in prison.

    The United States is also on the list for its attitude to journalists in Iraq. According to CPJ reports: “... the officers of the US military, which occupies not the last places, imprisoned dozens of journalists in Iraq - someone for days, and someone for months - without any trial or investigation. In truth , in such cases, litigation is very rare. " This time the United States entered the list for the fifth time.

    via ArsTechnica

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