Professional bloggers equated to journalists

    The new law, which should protect journalists (and bloggers) from disclosing their sources of information, was yesterday considered by the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress. The so-called act of free circulation of information (Free Flow of Information Act), in its initial version considered by journalists all bloggers, without exception, prompting legitimate claims by some experts. Now the wording has been corrected, so that only "professional" bloggers receive journalistic protection. Such are those who receive financial profit or live off their blog.

    It remains unclear whether a typical blogger who receives ten bucks a quarter from contextual advertising falls under this wording. It seems that there is “financial profit”, but can it really be called a source of subsistence?

    Oddly enough, the American Society of Professional Journalists advocates the broadest possible definition of a journalist, reports Ars Technica . In their opinion, the wider the definition, the more good the law will bring.

    An almost identical version of the bill ( PDF ) has already been submitted to the US Senate. The legislative act has a very high chance of being adopted.

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