Ask the blogosphere. Part 1

    From June 18 to July 19, 2007, with the support of the Softkey store and
    many bloggers (thank you all!), A survey was conducted about blogs . It was attended by 1012 people who answered 11 questions. I present to you the results of the survey below.

    We asked about the motives for blogging and reading. Those who think about attention and gaining influence in the blogosphere should be primarily interested in why people read blogs.

    So, “getting useful information” interests 69% of all blog readers who answered. The answers “to have fun, relax” and “to facilitate communication, acquaintances” received almost an equal number of votes, each with a small 40 percent. Another quarter of respondents read online diaries, "to remain an expert in their field." And one respondent reads blogs "to live." Like that - no more, no less. By the way, only 5 people out of 1012 of all survey participants were asked “what is a blog?”.

    With blogging motives, the situation has not changed much compared to
    October 2006, when conducted a similar study . In the first places are “self-expression” and “communication, meeting new people.” Interestingly, 25.6% of bloggers are
    diaries in order to broaden their horizons and 19% in order to maintain expert level in their field. Someone replied that he kept a diary for “storing useful data,” “dumping ideas there to forget them, and making room for new ones,” and just “want to.”

    The second set of questions related to the topics on which blogs lead / would like to lead and read / would like to read. Comparison of the present / future pairs allows you to track the dynamics of changes in attitudes to certain topics and even make some predictions.

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    Although blogs about the Internet and Computers, software are read by more than half of the respondents, their positions may become shaky in the future. This is characteristic of
    Internet as a whole: with the advent of the broad masses, IT specialists have lost
    first place to “ordinary” and diverse topics. The same thing will happen
    with blogs.

    Of those that are lacking now, and that the survey participants are ready to read more actively in the future: Travels, Leisure, and Books, Literature, Poems. I suspect that the topic of travel received such attention because of the vacation season in which the survey was conducted. Of non-standard topics, readers want to see blogs about “entrepreneurial experience”, “design”, game development, or “creative and vibrant personalities” in the future. Someone replied that they regularly read blogs that “bookmarked”, while others only on HR or “personal effectiveness”.
    One answer was knocked out of the general mass: “None of the above
    they don’t belong to those, but I won’t call them to you, because you may be struck by human stupidity. ”

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    bad thing is that many bloggers do not highlight one topic and write "a
    little about everything ", or describe their diary as " I’m farting in the air. ” This approach only leads to loss of focus, and does not contribute to an increase in the number of readers.

    Many bloggers responded in the spirit that they are already blogging on all topics of interest to them. However, there are still unfulfilled desires: almost 12% of the survey participants want to blog about “cars,” “economics and business,” “travel and leisure.” And already on the same topics blogs are 2% smaller.

    Of the desired topics of their future online diaries, people declared "psychology", "Christianity", "wrestling, IT" ... One formidable comrade is going to blog about "how to deal with advertisers and their physical elimination."

    By the difference between the future preferences of readers and the real interests of bloggers, you can build such a "comb of prospects." Topics that have a positive dynamics of interests are a plus, and negative dynamics are a minus.

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    The most unpromising was the topic "life, love", which also
    includes personal diaries. If the number of authors of such diaries is not
    If it is going to drastically decrease, then you
    will have to look for new readers on this topic . Ultimately, everything will come to a situation characteristic of
    Western blogs - the author of a personal diary reads 10-15 of his
    personal friends.

    Among the promising topics (the size of the readers' desires will be
    greater than the content of the standing authors) include “News”, “Books,
    literature, poems”, “Cinema”, “Economics, business”, “Auto”, “Photo,
    video”, “ Computers, software ”and“ Travel, leisure ”. As you can see,
    there are quite “commercial” topics among them . And it also shows the potential
    demand for corporate blog readers.

    We will talk about corporate blogs in 2 parts, which I
    will publish recently on the Blogbook..

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