World Football Day is a holiday that is not there. Part 2

    A year ago, I wrote about World Football Day, today I will repeat the idea of ​​last year's post.

    December 10 news sites congratulate on World Football Day, which is allegedly approved by the UN. There is no information on the holiday on the UN website , and even Google, in response to World Football Day (as it is called in newspapers), gives out mostly Russian-language resources. Most likely the holiday was invented by the editor of the newspaper Obozrevatel in 2006. Every year, the text of that note goes almost unchanged from publication to publication, and sometimes it goes offline. For example, in one of the Kiev institutions will be a party in honor of World Football Day.

    I am not against football at all, and especially not against the holiday of football. But I think that one should not allow the delusions and carelessness of editors to spread. To my letters to the editors of several sites with this comment, I did not receive a response.

    To add excitement to the post, I believe that Vesti will be the first to write about World Football Day with a nonexistent reference to ITAR-TASS.

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