Local news video content: 6 nuances of monetization

    Continuing the post, Local news video content: what works, what doesn't. I offer the recommendations of Vadim Lavrusik based on an analysis of the experience of the media from Minnesota.

    In the near future, the market for online video advertising should grow sharply. What do you need to know to skim the cream of your video content?
    1. Own hosting. Those who do not want to share the money from advertising embedded in its video content should abandon hosting on Youtube. Own hosting provides you with more opportunities to earn money. You just need to be able to use them.
    2. Pre-roll (pre-roll). It has already been proven that the most effective ad is the one that appears before the content. If you insert ads after, users do not inspect it and move on.
    3. Complementary advertising. Advertisers are more likely to pay for advertising if, in addition to the video, their graphic banner is placed on the same page.
    4. The rule is 15 seconds. According to studies, commercials lasting more than 15 seconds are more likely to force the user to leave the site than to watch to the end. Although sites like Hulu also practice longer ads, they do so in exchange for free viewing of their programs. As for news content, it’s hard to say how users will behave, so don’t risk it.
    5. Search. In the search for your video content, you can implement your own contextual advertising - show the video depending on what the user is looking for.
    6. Advertising production. The production and sale of video ads should be handled by individuals. This market is still poorly developed, therefore, specific knowledge is required here.

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