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    Naturally, the code is not very new and not mine, but I found only plug-ins for WP on the network, so I decided to post it separately. The script is as simple as two pennies, from the settings you only need to change the feed indicator in the Feedburner system.

    But from the very beginning you need to do the following: go to the admin panel of your feed -> publish -> FeedCount -> Activate

    Because Feedburner can count your feed without a counter, namely this script works with it. By the way, there you can pick up the colors of the counter, make it animated, etc.

    How it works - you can see it here -
    The code itself can be seen here -

    A little bit from myself:

    If you will get rid of the default counter, stick somewhere below the numbers a link to the page with the counter, so that in the future there would be no questions for users. Those who are curious will see.

    And finally, I recommend hanging the script execution on the crowns in order to cache the results. From experience I can recommend about 16 hours in Moscow.

    I hope you find this useful. By the way, if you know plugins for other engines, share :)

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