CNews Launches Online TV Channel

    Following the evolution of online video, CNews launches its CNews.Tv television channel . This, of course, is a wonderful move and an excellent marketing solution, but will it be in demand by users?

    And in this case, the problem is not the content - CNews have never been uninteresting, their news is always worthy of attention. The problem is that consumers of online broadcasting will make up a very small part of the audience. Indeed, not everyone has broadband access to the Internet, and for a comfortable viewing, this TV channel even in average (i.e., worst) quality requires a bandwidth of 400 Kb / s, this corresponds to a connection at a speed of more than three megabits. The resolution of the picture will be 468x263 pixels.

    So this step is more of an advertising move, rather than a major innovation. In practice, an online TV channel is unlikely to become popular in the next few years.

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