The most arrogant clone Digg passed away

    Creating a clone of a successful project does not always guarantee success for the project, as some entrepreneurs and investors think. Sometimes things end in failure. For some reason, such failure stories cause extremely pleasant emotions.

    For example, today it became known about the closure of the "social portal" , which was created a year ago on the model of and even tried to lure from there the most active members of the community from the top 100 list, offering them a lot of money. We talked about that scandalous story last year.

    AOL Corporation, the owner and sponsor of the miserable portal, announced the termination of the failed experiment. In a special statementon this occasion, they report that they will very soon return to the previous format for publishing content, that is, they will abandon UGC articles, polls, and similar social features. The reason is that the portal had its own audience, which was not ready for such a radical change in format and over the past year was not able to get used to it. According to the statement, social media will be created in a different format somewhere outside the portal, that is, AOL does not completely abandon this idea.

    The new-old portal design can be seen at .

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