Denver news startup didn't pull

Original author: Joseph Tartakoff
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An important signal in the struggle of newsmen for paid content is 200. It is this number of people who agreed to pay $ 4 per month for accessing premium news content on the Rocky Mountain Independent website (a local project in Denver, USA, which started in early July this year). Starting Monday, the site will not be updated.

This was the second attempt by staff previously working in another online project in the same region - the  INDenver Times . Prior to that, they worked for the local Rocky Mountain News, which closed in late February. INDenverTimes, which still works, is considered a failure because it has gained 3,000 subscribers, instead of the expected 50,000.
Rocky Mountain Independent tried to differentiate itself from others by focusing on “original” content, rather than aggregation quality. But the strategy obviously didn’t work. Editor Steve Foster told Denver Westwood: “I still believe that online subscription is very important for the quality of news. But now it’s very difficult to ask people about it. They’re just not used to paying for the news. ”

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