Abramovich Fund became the main in the seed funding round of Israeli startup iAngels

    According to RBC, Millhouse Capital, owned by Roman Abramovich, has invested in the Israeli crowdfunding project iAngels. Funds were raised on the iAngels own crowdfunding platform, for the development of which the collected investments will go. IAngels crowdfunding

    platform allows private investors to invest in promising startups at the same time as large business angels. “Hedge fund owners, fund managers and business angels have confirmed their confidence in our model. Nothing can prove this more consistently than raising funds for iAngels on the iAngels platform with an invitation to participate in the global community of investors, ”iAngels representatives wrote on Facebook.

    As a result of the seed financing round, iAngels raised $ 2.25 million from business angels and Millhouse Capital, which became the main investor in the round. The total amount of investments attracted to the company, since its foundation, amounted to $ 2.6 million.

    IAngels became the 15th company to successfully attract financing on its own platform.

    IAngels Founding Partner Shelly Hod Moyal notes: “We are confident that elite business angels will help finance a promising business. We structured our business model in such a way as to take the risk equal to the risk of investors who invest in Israeli startups using the iAngels platform. ”

    IAngels was founded in 2014, but has already conducted successful fundraising campaigns for promising startups like TravelersBox , Hello Doctor, Webyclip , Nanorep , Drippler and Biscience . During these campaigns, several hundred thousand dollars were raised.

    For the Abramovich Fund, this was not the first investment in Israeli companies. In the summer of 2014, the fund invested in AcousticEye Inc, a manufacturer and developer of an innovative method for non-destructive testing and diagnostics of heat exchanger tubes in enterprises and factories. Around the same time, the fund invested$ 10 million in a startup StoreDot, producing electronic devices based on bioorganic materials.

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