How to tell students about developers?

    IT companies, including us, are launching and developing educational projects for university students - future developers and other it-employees. You won’t surprise anyone with this.

    After immersion in the student environment, we decided that we need to increase the impact area and move to the origins - in schools. To expand, so to speak, a sales funnel. This is what we have been doing for two years, and recently, by chance, we have joined the creation of a career-oriented cartoon. And yes, the emphasis has shifted to students not only with us . Paramult

    company makes cartoons for students about modern professions. And in the circuit they know how and why they become developers. By combining our knowledge crystals , we began to make a motivating cartoon about the profession of a developer.

    We omit the details of the discussions and preparations — the animatic is now ready. This is such a short film that you can already watch and offer edits.

    Anyone curious - welcome to cat.

    So, we have an animatic - a storyboard with recorded voices and music - and the ability to influence everything except the central events, the main characters and their voices (because they are part of the overall storyline of the Navigatum project ). The prototype does not yet have animation, movement and detailed drawing - everything will appear later, you should not write about it.

    When you click on the play, keep in mind that the cartoon is designed for students who do not know anything about development, so many of the subtleties and details of the profession are intentionally simplified.

    We look forward to your constructive comments.

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