Cantor Fitzerald predicts Apple's capitalization to $ 1 trillion

    According to the forecasts of the brokerage firm Cantor Fitzerald, Apple in 12 months may be the first company whose capitalization exceeds $ 1 trillion. The stock price at the current volume will be $ 180. Analysts are counting on the potential of the Chinese market for Apple, on the success of the Apple Watch and Apple TV and the release of electric vehicles by 2020.

    In February 2015, Apple became the first company with a capitalization of more than $ 700 billion. At that moment, the price of one share was $ 122 dollars. For comparison, in February, Google had a market capitalization of $ 358 billion and Microsoft $ 346 billion. Over the past ten years, Apple shares have grown by 2000%. On Monday, March 23, Apple shares were worth $ 127.1, and the company's capitalization was already $ 744 billion.

    Cantor Fitzerald, a brokerage firm, predicts Apple will rise to $ 180 dollars in a year. If the forecast comes true, then the company will be the first to exceed the bar of $ 1 trillion.

    Analysts give such a forecast based on several factors. Firstly, the growth will be due to the company's success in the Chinese market: in the last quarter of 2014, sales in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan grew by 70% year on year and amounted to 16.1 billion. This is facilitated by the expansion of LTE in China - there are more smartphone users. Cantor Fitzerald talk about the potential of this market in the $ 133-178 billion over the next five years, reports RBC.

    Secondly, over the past few years, Apple first introduceda new line of products - Apple Watch, the cost of some models which reach $ 17 thousand . Thirdly, a brokerage firm expects the success of Apple TV. Another fact that analysts drew attention to is the possible release of Apple electric vehicles by 2020.

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