10 best media created over the past six months according to the publication "Iodine"

    Over the past six months, many new and original media have appeared in Russia. Below Megamind provides a list of 10 new domestic media that deserve attention, according to the publication "Iodine" .

    1 Arzamas
    The main content of “Arzamas” is “culture and man” courses - collections of materials on history, literature, art, philosophy and so on. Arzamas positions itself as a non-profit project - access to all materials on the site is completely free.

    2 The Question
    The Question is a service in which users can ask any questions and quickly receive competent answers to them. The founder of the project is the journalist of Echo of Moscow and Rain, Tonya Samsonova.

    3 Mediazone
    The founders of Mediazone are Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, as well as their faithful companion Pyotr Verzilov. “Courts, prisons, arrests, sentences, riots in the zones, political criminal cases, crimes in uniform, the fate of prisoners,” - this is what, according to Tolokonnikova, writes “Mediazona”.

    4 “ Open Russia

    The publication covers all those processes that excite Russian society in our time. In addition to publishing materials from professional journalists, Open Russia also acts as a blog platform.

    5 geektimes
    Geektimes is one of two Habrahabr projects that have separated from the main site in the past few months. Geektimes from the serious Habr (devoted to programming, the IT market and the Internet economy in general), some non-core topics have moved: games, gadgets, geek culture, questions about Internet regulation, discussions of Roskomnadzor and IT legislation.

    6 " Megamind "
    Megamind is another younger brother of Habrahabr. The reason for separation is the transfer of non-core topics to a separate project. Megamind is positioning itself as a project for IT managers and managers who are interested not in the technical side of a project, but in marketing and organization.

    7 " Sigma "
    The Sigma project, which began work in November 2014, is an aggregator of cultural texts. According to the authors of the project, Sigma is a "platform for publishing texts about a person, cultural phenomena and society."

    8 " Hedonist "
    Nowadays, the appearance of a new print media is already a precedent. The Gedonist newspaper, created by Gleb Neumann, looks like a men's magazine, but in the materials it balances somewhere on the verge of fashionable lifestyle and youth columnism. The Hedonist is also distributed locally and independently - the newspaper can be found in a few places in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnoyarsk.

    9 the challenger
    A completely new lifestyle publication that appeared literally this month. Editorial The Challenger, led by Maria Komandna, positions the publication as a site about health, raising topics like proper nutrition and sports - from recipes and choosing sneakers to diets and training regimes.

    10 " Last 30 "
    The media project, which is scheduled to launch on April 23. This “Last 30” will be dedicated to post-Soviet Russia - a country that is no longer the Soviet Union, but also not another real Russia.
    The name of the project is directly related to the date of its launch - April 23, 2015 will be exactly 30 years from the moment Mikhail Gorbachev announces the course on Perestroika.

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