Business warming: how to do without cold calls

    Many types of sales are built on cold calls. Such challenges, of course, give results, but they are time consuming. Employees spend their energy and most of the working day, receiving in return only excuses and refusals. How to avoid this?


    There is an alternative - our service "Agitator" will call potential customers. When responding, the subscriber will hear your promotional message. If he does not hang up until the end of the message, the call will be transferred to your manager.

    An automated system will save time - your managers will talk only with those customers who are interested in information about your service or promotion.

    To do this, it’s enough for you:

    compose an advertising message

    You choose what information will sound for a potential client. This can be a story about the organization, advertising services or a message about a special offer.

    provide a contact list for dialing

    "Agitator" makes calls to pre-loaded numbers. Create a contact list of potential customers, and the program itself will tell them about your services.

    receive calls

    Your managers will automatically be connected only to those customers who are interested in the offer. If the subscriber cannot speak or does not need the service, you will save the time of your employees.

    You can also enable the touch-tone menu for the called contact. And offer to enter an extension number so that a potential client can talk with the right manager or department.

    Thus, the productivity of the working day will increase, and the productivity of your sales department as a whole will increase.
    If there are too many calls and you don’t have enough equipment or telephone lines, we will help you to connect multi-channel numbers, necessary equipment or even organize a call center.

    "Agitator" and cats

    Let us consider the service in practice. Let's practice ... Here, on the cats.

    Let's say your company sells cute purebred kittens. Tell the customer in a short voice message. The fact that your animals are especially affectionate and that you want to give them in warm hands. Yes, or just write down their purrs. Who refuses to hear the relaxing rumbling of kittens in the receiver?

    Surely, you already have a potential list of kotomanov or just kind and helpful people. Having heard your (or cat's) purr, the service will connect the client with your equally affectionate manager.

    After the conversation, the system will continue to ring cat lovers, resuming the search for people who are not indifferent to animals.

    An “agitator” can do this every working (or non-working) day. You choose the time, taking into account the preferences of the audience and the operating mode of the sales department. If we are talking about cat lovers, then most likely it will be the afternoon. When they get enough sleep. After all, the owners are like their pets.

    It is important that the client will not be left without attention. If the number of the subscriber from the list is busy or does not answer - "Intelline" will call him back later.
    Yes, this whole system works not only with cats.


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