Roskomnadzor expanded powers and cut the budget

    According to TASS, salaries were reduced to employees of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) in 2015. This is due to the planned reduction in the cost of maintaining government agencies.

    “The salary reduction is - depending on the regional unit - from 23 to 54% in absolute terms," ​​said Alexander Pankov, deputy head of Roskomnadzor.


    “If a person received 50-55 thousand rubles last year, then in this he receives 25-27 thousand,” he explained.

    “Last year, a leading specialist expert received 25 thousand, this year will receive 18 thousand rubles. These are those who go to the courts, draw up administrative protocols, and conduct all administrative practice, ”Pankov said.

    Salary reduction applies to senior staff. For example, the head of the small department of Roskomnadzor received a little less than 60 thousand, and now it will receive 43 thousand rubles.

    “The reduction in salaries for specific specialists, especially in the regions, is not at all ten percent, which were announced as part of the sequestration,” the official complained.

    According to Interfax, the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications considers such a serious reduction in the budget of Roskomnadzor unjustified.

    “The role of this department is more important than ever. We would like to draw attention to the need to further analyze the planned cost reduction of Roskomnadzor, ”said Chairman Leonid Levin at a committee meeting on Thursday.

    He also drew attention to the fact that “on May 1, an“ anti-piracy ”law begins to apply, and in the summer, a law will also be enacted on the storage of personal data of Russians in the territory of the Russian Federation, which will require serious strengthening of the work of Roskomnadzor in order for it to be efficiently executed and applied throughout the entire Russian Federation efficiently. "

    And what's more, according to Pankov, the number of Roskomnadzor competencies from 2009 to the present has grown from 35 to 68. “These are basically new powers related to control over the Internet,” he noted.

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