Twitter reveals all the cards - your life is no longer a secret


    The company plans to make content created by users accessible to a wide range of people, from stores to police officers involved in curbing the riots.

    Imagine that you are going to fly on an airplane to see your newborn grandson. As soon as you board a plane, the crew calls you by first name and surname and congratulates you on your family replenishment, and behind the chair in front of you lies a rattle in a gift box with the symbols of the airline.

    So one of Twitter’s leaders in strategic development imagines the future. The systems have already aggregated trillions of tweets of their users in search of various commercial opportunities. Some researchers, evaluating the flow of tweets, are trying to find patterns between fees and the popularity of mentioning football players during matches.

    Although selling data is still a very small part of Twitter’s total revenue (just $ 70 million out of $ 1.3 billion last year), the social network has big plans to expand this segment. This is evidenced by last year’s purchase by the service of the analytical company Gnip for $ 130 million.

    Google and Facebook set up their business around the exchange of data, but the control that they got as a result of this has become a source of considerable controversy.

    Chris Moody acknowledges that this is an area fraught with ethical and reputational risks, and believes that context is extremely important in this matter. In an article by The GuardianChris cautiously emphasizes that even though Twitter can and does provide information to the same cops, it does this in a general way, by no means aimed at individual users. He also focuses on the fact that the service will not gut direct messages that are hidden from everyone except the sender and recipient, but if you carefully read Twitter’s privacy policy, there is no doubt that the company considers all other data generated by users, entirely their property. In general, such a beautiful new world.

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