Interesting at the exhibition Interlight 2018

    Today, the Interlight Moscow exhibition opened at the Expocentre in Moscow. I tell that saw interesting.

    The main "trick" of the season - lamps with LEDs of warm and cold light at the same time. They show a lot.

    Uniel showed a street lamp with a filament lamp in a flask from a DRL-125 mercury lamp.

    Lamp power 40 watts, it has twenty filaments. The filament lamps are generally less reliable than conventional LED lamps, so the durability of such a lamp for the lamp is questionable.

    At the booth at the era LED bulbs of enormous power: pears up to 25 watts.

    Candles up to 11 watts.

    I do not know how real the power corresponds to the declared one and whether the lamps of such power can be durable.

    TDM created the Narodnaya brand, and they sell LED lamps almost at prices of incandescent lamps — 45 rubles each (although this is the wholesale price).

    LG OLED panels met in lamps of several manufacturers.

    OSRAM showed decorative figured filament lamps. Even in the shape of a star.

    This year, although the exhibition occupies four pavilions, it is less saturated than two years ago (last year I did not go to the exhibition for a very good reason - I was in Japan). Many large manufacturers because of the high cost of participation in the exhibition abandoned it.

    A lot of chandeliers and lamps.

    If you choose a chandelier now, it’s definitely worth a trip to the exhibition.
    Interlight 2018 is open until November 9th. Free tickets on site

    © 2018, Alexey Nadyozhin

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