Tesla Chinese division fired employees due to weak sales

    Sales of Tesla electric cars in China are not going very well. Earlier, the head of the company, Ilon Musk, promised to reduce the number of employees if things did not go on the mend. And now Musk has begun to fulfill his promise : Tesla Motors in China has already begun to lay off employees.

    Journalists at the Chinese newspaper Economic Observer say the company plans to lay off 180 of its 600 employees. Tesla Motors has not yet officially confirmed the dismissal. In a statement, the media relations department indicated that the current Tesla team in China is strong and ready to go. At the same time, it is also indicated that “a highly efficient team responds quickly to market changes and better serves its customers.”

    It is worth noting that in December, the head of the Chinese division of the company left Tesla, and in January another senior manager resigned.

    In China, the company had to face a number of difficulties. For example, due to import taxes, the price of Tesla electric vehicles in this country is higher than in the USA or Europe. The main problem is the lack of a developed infrastructure of charging stations on the roads. The company's management is trying to solve this problem by installing wall-mounted connectors in the homes of electric vehicle owners for free.

    Unfortunately, this is still not enough to compete on equal terms with local electric car manufacturers BYD and Kandi, which are subsidized by the government .

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