Apple will replace AT&T telecommunications operator in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

    imageOn March 19, Apple will be included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index instead of AT&T, one of the largest telecommunications operators in the US, Vedomosti reports citing Reuters. Apple will become the sixth technology company in the index, operating since 1884.

    The Dow Jones Index is designed to track the development of the industrial component of US stock markets. The first versions of the index appeared in 1884, then it included stock prices of eleven companies - railway and industrial. Initially, the index was the arithmetic average of stock prices of these companies, now they use the more complex method - the scalable average. The industrial index began in 1896, when it already included 12 companies - including General Electric, which is now on the list.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average covers the 30 largest US companies, including five technology companies: Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Visa. Apple will be the sixth on this list. AT&T will be excluded from it due to a 4.5% drop in shares, and the addition of Apple shares became possible after their split in the ratio of one to seven in 2014.

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