Singing elevator

    We did not find a special rubric for congratulations on Megamind. Our post is unusual. On the one hand, it is congratulatory, on the other - about viral videos and Internet marketing.

    Just two days ago, we organized an unusual congratulation for the employees of our office and filmed all this with hidden cameras:

    In the morning, unsuspecting women entered the elevator, where four men were waiting for them. After the doors closed, the men suddenly began to sing. The reaction was completely different, but in most cases positive. To create a festive mood, each girl was given a flower.

    The filming took a little more than an hour, one day was spent on editing, we spent a thousand rubles on flowers. The guys from the art group Live Voices participated for free.

    This morning we posted a video on social networks and in two hours received a thousand views, several media publications and many positive comments.

    We want to share this video with you, and also to congratulate the beautiful half of Megamind on the upcoming holiday.

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