Study of the impact of the crisis on the market of web studios / Internet agencies

    Hello Megamind. Today we have a very short post request. We know for sure that a large number of representatives of agencies and studios read us and profile blogs. At the moment, we are conducting a large study on the basis of the Ruward analytical project and under the auspices of the RAEC Digital Cluster , on how the current economic situation affects the market of digital agencies, web studios, mobile development companies and other players of the agency Internet market.

    One element of the study is an open online survey of studio / agency representatives. If you are one of them, please spend 5-10 minutes of time - and answer a few simple questions: .

    All results will be published in March in an open mode - as part of a large analytical report (including, of course, on Megamind). This is really a very important and necessary thing for our market. All data specified by you will be used exclusively in a depersonalized form (with the exception of a quote for review, if you wish to write it). Thanks in advance!

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