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Guy kawasaki

Here's a quick test for you:

What word does Steve Jobs surname robes or robs sound like?

How to pronounce the name of the Texas shoe company Lucchese, “Lu-cheese-ee” or “Lu-kay-zee”?

How to pronounce "quay" in the name Australia's Circular Quay, "kway" or "key"?

In each question, the second option will be the correct answer. When people make the wrong choices, they look like ignoramuses. We don’t want you to look like this on social media, so read a few tips on how to avoid this.

Don't be empty

According to one of the characters in the cartoon Bambi: "If you can not say something nice, do not say anything at all" . This edification is very valuable. Aggressiveness is ignorant. Discrediting other points of view is crippled. Complaints about other people's posts are blatantly stupid. If you don't like the post, shut up and move on.

Do not tell people what to share

Telling people what to share is not just a sign of ignorance, it's just a huge billboard of ignorance. If you do not like what a person shares on the network, just do not follow his notes. You don’t pay for reading, so don’t think that you have the right to tell anyone. The sun does not revolve around the Earth, and the Internet does not revolve around you.

Do not buy followers, likes or pluses

Only losers and charlatans buy followers, likes or pluses. I do not deny that people often think that a large number of subscribers proves some valuable properties, but buying subscribers is nothing but a scam. This is how large companies roll down a slippery slope.

CEO by attending a conference or reading Fast Company, decides that the company should use social media more. He tells the marketing director about this, explaining that he wants to see specific results, expressed in an increase in the number of subscribers, likes and advantages. Here, the chief marketing officer understands that the company does not have a single specialist who understands social media and makes a seemingly logical choice. Hires someone from an advertising agency. After that, a budget is requested that is sufficient to purchase the required number of subscribers and votes. The office spends money, and lo and behold, the right numbers appear in the right places. Everyone is happy.

Meanwhile, since the purchased numbers have nothing to do with reality, SMO cannot deliver meaningful results. Acquired figures do not provide long-term benefits, as they do not interact with your content and have no interest in your publications. You may never be caught buying social lotions, but what is done will spoil your karma, and karma is an unreliable friend (original is a bitch ).

There is one exception - this is the purchase of promotion of publications or pages on Facebook, but this is almost the same as advertising in any other places.

Do not ask people to follow you

If you want more followers, earn them by the quality of your publications. If Groucho Marx were alive today, he would change his famous joke and say, "that the people who ask you to follow them are not worth it . " Keep dignity, do not grovel and share useful things in large quantities.

Do not embarrass people with requests to follow you while adding social blog links. Social links are already a subtle invitation to follow you.

Do not ask people to retype your messages

If your posts are good, this will happen naturally. If you use all the methods described above, people will already read your publications. If they are good, people will reprint them. Everything is very simple. The only time that reprint requests are acceptable is when the post is charitable.

Do not announce that you have unsubscribed from someone

This does not bother anyone, and it looks like a situation when you standing in the middle of the school cafeteria suddenly announce that you are no longer someone else's friend.

Few will follow your example, and will unsubscribe only because you did it.

Do not ask why people unsubscribe from you

Changing the list of subscribers is a continuous process, so don't panic when people unsubscribe from you. If you start asking about it, you may lose even more subscribers. Instead, continue further, comment and answer questions, and don’t worry about those who left.

Don't be a pimp

Social media is a great way to promote your product, service or website, which is why we are talking about this. You will look very stupid if more than one of the twenty publications is advertising. Imagine if you were on the radio all day playing one ad.

Do not swear

Profanity is bullshit. Someone may think that swearing on social networks can be a sign of openness, sincerity and authenticity. That's bullshit. Profanity is a sign of tongue-tied language, if not ignorance, so the use of profanity must be approached with extreme caution.

Do not call yourself a guru or expert

If you are a guru or an expert, people will know this as well. If not, nobody will believe you anyway. In particular, the “social media guru” is an oxymoron, because no one knows how social media really works!

No matter how smart you are, to advance on social media you will have to continue to experiment, because the platforms are in constant change. In addition, we noticed that self-proclaimed experts, who think they know everything, understand the subject worse than everyone else.

Give Up Agencies

If you hire an agency that sends a dozen people to measure the sentiment for your brand, and then forty-five days make up the desired tweet, this book is not for you.

Refuse the services of “experts” with hundreds of subscribers writing once a month and asking for more than the GDP of a small country. A good rule of thumb is to never follow the advice of someone who has fewer subscribers than you.

If you follow these tips, you won’t need any agencies. If you follow the advice described and you work in such an agency, you may now be able to justify your prices.

Do not delegate social media promotion to trainee

Just because you found a young man who uses Facebook and agrees to work for less than a fast food employee does not mean that you should hire him. This is the same as believing that having a car makes a person a mechanic.

Don't get us wrong, we like interns. We just want to make sure you take social media seriously. At the very least, require interns to control every post and comment.

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