Sberbank became the third party in the CROC case against the Central Customs Administration for 250 million rubles

    The Moscow Arbitration Court brought a third party to the Krok case against the Central Customs Administration - Sberbank. Krok is trying to sue 251.3 million rubles that the CTU charged for importing IBM servers - according to customs, an illegal scheme involving the one-day company LLC Servers and Components was involved in the import of equipment.


    Krok sold the IBM server to Sberbank in 2011 to build the largest data center in Europe at the South Port. According to investigators , a batch of servers was sold to the bank for $ 31.47 million, and when declaring at customs, a price of $ 983 thousand 971 was indicated. Buying servers from IBM cost Croc $ 7.7 million. The operation led to an underpayment of customs payments of 257.9 million rubles, customs officials say.

    The former general director and employee of the LLC Server and Components company involved in the delivery was held criminally liable under article 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - evasion of customs payments.

    Sberbank of Russia was involved in the case as a third party. The representative of Krok Timur Kurbanov objects to this decision, since the company's dispute against the Central Customs Administration cannot affect Sberbank, and its inclusion as a third party is contrary to procedural rules.

    The third hearing will be held on March 26, 2015.

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