Anniversary Slack. The fastest growing app in history

Original author: Matthew Zeitlin
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Slack is one of the few business applications that does not cause constant outbreaks of incinerating anger of users, but, on the contrary, oddly enough, it gives pleasure in the process of work.

An application for organizing a corporate chat, or “main communication platform”, celebrated the anniversary of February 12, 2015. The project was created by Stuart Butterfield - co-founder of Flickr. Every day, 500,000 people use the application, and the number of users has grown by 35% only in the first 6 weeks of this year. This is twice as much as it was half a year ago. And all corporate users combined, sent 1.7 billion messages during this time.


To achieve such rapid growth, Slack raised $ 162 million in venture capital from investors such as Google Venture, Accel Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz.

“Messengers emerged as the main application for people to communicate on the Internet and over time have become part of the workflow,” says Butterfield. Slack is used by companies such as Airbnb, Stripe, Walmart, Foursquare, Box, Braintree, as well as many electronic publications, including BuzzFeed, Geektimes, Megamind.

And many of them use the application for a fee. So, Slack earned $ 12 million in annual revenue from subscriptions, with 135,000 paid accounts. Slack provides three service options for users: from free to $ 12 per month.
“I worked closely and studied SaaS companies for about 7 years. Based on the data that I saw, I can say that Slack is the fastest growing B2B company, ”says Tom Tunguz, partner at Redpoint Ventures.

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