We operate Google Trends to the fullest

    Not everyone knows what Google Trends is. Let's get acquainted. This is a service that allows you to view trends in search queries since the distant 2004 and get a simple development forecast for the future.

    The main character is a key request.

    Useful tools - geo-targeting by country.

    What do we understand from this simple trend? The fact that “telephone repair” is a promising direction, interest in it is growing. If we compare it with the request of Tamagotchi, there is practically no growth, on the basis of which it is considered to be a good way to develop a business, or just freelance in this vein, is inexpedient.

    If it’s not just me who noticed the dashed line, you guessed it was a forecast. But not only he will help in the work of a freelancer, but also the phrases offered by the system. They are formed on the principle of Adwords, but in a more simplified form. Those who are aimed at promoting high-frequency queries (90-100 they are marked in red) simply cannot miss the opportunity to use these keywords on their website, because this is the lion's share of traffic.

    Practical application is very simple to find. For example, I’m a copywriter, I want money for articles, but I don’t know which ones to write! Options "Moscow pizza" have already been tested and do not work, because I want to find constant orders in a promising direction ...

    To do this, select the section with the upward trend. In this case, many industries are in decline, and finance is at a consistently high level. Become an exchange analyst, financial affairs master, market reviewer - this is promising.

    You can still help out a lot with what in this Google tool. Try to use it for your own purposes. Let this thought not bring money at first, but over time, when topics such as "Internet communities", "electronics" will worry people less than the same Cash flow , you will be on a horse!


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