Ilya Perekopsky invested in Cyprus SMTDP Tech

    Izvestia reports that in May a year ago, the former vice president of VKontakte Ilya Perekopsky became an investor in the startup SMTDP Tech , registered in Cyprus. This company is creating technology to determine if corrections have been made to a digital photo or video file. The news is confirmed by the source of Izvestia and Ilya Perekopsky himself, as well as representatives of SMTDP Tech.

    Here is what Ilya himself says about this:
    - The project is being done by a young and talented team from St. Petersburg, which I have long known. The guys made a unique technology, there are no analogues, and it can be easily scaled to the whole world.

    The company’s solution, dubbed “Antifotoshop” with a light hand, consists of several software products based on the same technology. In addition to the fact of editing, you can also find out in which specific software package this happened, and also indicates the probable zones of editing.

    It is noted that such a product may be of interest to security forces, insurers, advertising agencies.

    In addition to Perekopsky, Flint Capital (formerly Finam) and IIDF are involved in the transaction. The latter said that they own 12.5% ​​of the company, the shares of the remaining owners refused to disclose. At the same time, Flint Capital co-founder Oleg Seydak said that investors invested about $ 1 million in total, and refused to disclose their share.

    The rights to the Picture Manipulation Inspector software product belong to SMTPDP Technologii LLC, to which they were transferred in the summer from the Cyprus parent company SMTDP Tech Ltd after a request for deoffshorization. At the same time, the Russian company is 100% owned by a Cyprus company.

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