Light phone II - a phone that respects your time

    Technology company “Light” , Brooklyn, USA - developers of minimalistic technologies that allow you to use devices for their intended purpose. After the successful release of the first phone - Original Light Phone , which was supported by more than 10,000 people, the team is at the prototyping stage of its second model Light Phone II. Since the launch of the campaign , on April 22, 2018, at the Indiegogo crowdfunding site, by November 2018, 615% of the requested amount was collected - $ 2,036,234. The release is planned for April 2019, by pre-order the phone can be purchased for $ 300, with a stated market value of $ 400.

    According to people supporting dumb phones- “dumb phones”, in terms of design and usability, Light Phone as a second phone is a worthy addition to Iphone and other smartphones. Despite the fact that the very need for a second phone is a moot point, the Light team itself, as a development phenomenon, whose philosophy is supported by consistent decisions at the time of creating its products, in my opinion, deserves attention.

    Light Products

    Original light phone

    Your second phone, which encourages you to leave your smartphone and devote yourself to things that you really like, without being distracted by anything else. The creators call this experience of freeing time from the use of technology for other purposes - "going to the light" ("going light").

    The functionality of Original Light Phone is limited by the possibility of a phone call and nine sets of numbers.

    Light phone ii

    A simple, 4G / LTE phone with a black and white matte display and electronic ink technology.

    At the moment of prototyping, its functionality is expanded and allows you to exchange messages, set an alarm, but the device is still a phone that respects your time. Developers are conducting an open discussion with users about adding other tools that do not contradict the original concept.

    Original Light Phone vs Light Phone II

    A noticeable change in the phone in its second version was a matte black and white screen, which allows you to clearly see the contents on the street in daylight. This solution is energy efficient, and shades of gray are a healthy limitation on vision.

    A larger microphone and speaker, USB-C, a zoom sensor and simple up / down buttons were also added. The team is exploring the possibilities of using an aluminum casing for higher strength characteristics. Water resistance is in the plan, but it is not promised to be implemented in this phone model.

    The choice of the operating system Light Phone II

    In recent years, smartphone OSes, whether Apple or Android, have become increasingly confusing, the multi-level development of which requires more and more financial and human resources, which increases the final cost of the product on the market. And as a result, instead of a simple device screen with the necessary tools, the user sees many applications that are fighting for his time and attention.

    In OS Light, several thoughtful tools were implemented with only buttons for scrolling through the “toolbox”. A typography-based interface is much easier and more enjoyable to use.

    Light Phone II Tools

    Firstly, these are tools that do not distract you from the main business that you intend to do. Thanks to 4G and an electronic ink screen, there is great potential to explore the areas of user interaction with various tools. Developers are open to feedback, which will help them navigate meaningful tools for future products.

    An open conversation between developers and users about other additions to Light Phone II

    According to the team, the exact assembly of the phone and tools can be changed, since in the coming months the phone will be at the testing and design stages.

    • Alarm clock: so you do not sleep with your smartphone
    • Joint trips: want to cover the way home, please
    • Prelist: to abstract from the outside world and plunge into work
    • Map: go to the light and get lost, but still save the opportunity to return home

    Light Phone II now supports phone calls, speed dialing and sending messages. Some functions, like an alarm clock, are easy to implement, others, like the ability to blur a trip home, require partnerships.

    Specifications Light Phone II

    Dimensions: 91mm x 55mm x 6.5-7.5mm
    OS: LightOS (based on Android)
    Network: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS
    Memory: 1 GB of RAM DDR3 / 8 GB
    Battery: 500 mAh
    Color: black / white
    Material: anodized aluminum
    Weight: 80 g (approximately)
    Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform
    Display: Electronic ink
    Battery: 5 days; several hours talk time
    SIM card: Nano SIM
    Connector: USB-C
    Language: English
    Other: vibration, loud speaker, headset jack

    Cost: $ 300 for pre-sale at the declared final price of $ 400
    * Delivery and customs are not included in the

    delivery schedule Delivery schedule

    Deliveries of the finished product will begin by April 2019 (one year after the campaign was created ) Due to three different models for different regions around the world, different models (A, B or C) may be delivered a little earlier or later than April 2019.

    Coverage Areas

    Three Light Phone II models are currently being planned, which will be optimized for different regions of the world.


    card SIM card

    K Light Phone II does not provide a SIM card, it will need to be purchased independently.

    Light Phone II is a standalone phone. It works regardless of your smartphone with a separate SIM card and cannot automatically use the primary phone number. When using Light Phone as a “second phone”, developers will share various ways to integrate into your lifestyle, for example, the ability to forward calls, leave messages on the smartphone’s answering machine, or if your operator supports a duplicate SIM card, you can simply use the same number .

    Due to the telecommunications landscape at the moment, you may not be able to fully save your primary number for both phones. Unfortunately, some of these things are beyond our control as users, but the Light team promises to continue to find solutions for a more comfortable use of technology.

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