Winter DIYorDIE Meetup February 17

    We invite on February 17 to the next open DIY-Meetup, it will be held in the Moscow office of Group. Program and registration link - under the cut. Group DIY-community are developers who do cool and unexpected things in their free time. For example, smart home and smart watches ; “ Embrace ”; thermal imager on FLIR Lepton ; electric bike and much more. Periodically, we are going to share our developments and share experiences with the same enthusiasts.

    Meeting program

    "Internet radio. From DIY for mother up to 100 pcs per month in two years ", Mikhail Rusetsky

    • Geek porn. What is the Internet radio WOLNA.
    • How to understand if someone else needs a home-made product except you.
    • Assemble one device for yourself or 10 for friends. What is the difference at the design stage.

    Smart Mirror, Vlad Zaitsev

    How to make a smart mirror of a translucent mirror, an old monitor and a single-sided one. Vlad will tell you what difficulties he encountered while creating.

    “3D printing. How to start this way to infinity ", Vladimir Yaroslavsky

    In his speech, Vladimir will tell you about the main methods of 3D printing, where to start and what it is all about.

    “How to create your own CNC machine: just about the complicated”, Yury Lilekov

    Yuri will tell about the main components of home CNC machines and their connection. At the performance, we will assemble a 3D printer from them, a small router and think about what else can be assembled. Consider the main problems and their solutions. Let's look at the work of a 3D printer live.

    "Engine Management", Mikhail Zenin

    Mikhail will tell the story of how he handled a bunch of disk drives and hard drives, which engines are there, how they can be controlled (which control methods exist), where Arduino can be used, and where not, and which control is better for a particular case.

    “Electric transport - we go to work in the summer and winter”, Sergey Averin

    An overview report in the style of "and you can do it."

    • Why: what is the convenience and savings.
    • Summer: what to drive, how to drive (sidewalks / roads), distance runs, how long the battery lasts, where to charge.
    • Winter: what to ride and how to finish it for winter driving, distance runs, uniform. Specific winter problems.

    “Jetpack”, Alexey Statsenko

    Alexey will talk about how to assemble a jet pack in the garage and fly on it. The history of jetpacks and what is now in the world. How to create the first Russian jetpack. Difficulties and prospects.

    "Vibromatrix - a device for reading tactile sensations", Mikhail Shevnin

    Mikhail will talk about creating a Vibromatrix device for reading tactile sensations: from idea to prototype. Demonstrate his work, talk about the scope.

    The program of reports is scheduled to 16.30. After that there will be an “open microphone” - everyone will be able to go out and tell something of their own, ask a question, ask for advice. Registration is required

    to participate . Join our DIY Telegram channel . Watch videos of previous mitaps on the community's Youtube channel . Collection of participants and registration : 10.30 Start of reports : 11.00 Address : Moscow, m. Airport, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p.79. For those who can not come, video broadcast will be organized. The link will be published in the Telegram-channel before the start of the mitap.

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