GDPR backup — what a new tool will do

    In late January, Veeam introduced an update for its data management platform, Availability Suite 9.5 - Update 4. One of the major innovations of the version was the protection of backup copies of PD in accordance with the requirements of GDPR.

    About other updates and how they will be useful, we describe below.

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    What is Availability Suite?

    Veeam develops monitoring and backup systems in the cloud for IaaS providers (and not only). One of the company's most famous products is the Availability Suite, which combines data backup and data protection functions and is designed to work with large-scale virtual IT infrastructure.

    According to a number of studies, the majority of global companies experience difficulties in transferring data between the cloud and on-premise. To solve this problem and make it easier for customers to work with hybrid environments, Veeam presented the latest update to Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4.

    The new release has several features aimed at increasing system performance, protecting backup copies and personal data and reducing storage costs.

    Update Features

    Unlimited cloud archive. Working with the Availability Suite, users could keep backups in the cloud before, but they had to pay both for the Veeam product and for the utilized power of cloud providers. After the upgrade, companies were able to occupy an unlimited amount of cloud storage with rarely used data and pay only for a subscription to the Availability Suite.

    It is expected that the new proposal will help companies save on infrastructure. Plus, they will not have to calculate how much cloud resources are needed. According to RightScale, this is one of the main difficulties that companies face.

    Accelerated data recovery. Tool veeam possesseshigh speed copying of virtual machines. This is due to the fact that the replica of virtual disks is stored uncompressed in its original form. Moreover, when transferring a backup, Veeam copies only those data blocks that have been changed since the last working session.

    In the new version of the system, developers further accelerated the recovery of machines from a backup. The vPower tool allows you to recover a failed VM by running it directly from the backup file (without unzipping and moving to a hot storage). The updated tool, according to Veeam, restores data after a system crashes three times faster when working with multiple VMs.

    The function is compatible with both on-premise infrastructure and the cloud. It can be beneficial for companies that are even expensive for a small infrastructure, such as online shopping.

    Improved data protection. Update 4 has also updated its backup protection program, DataLabs. Previously, this tool acted as a test environment for testing virtual machines before restoring to production.

    Now DataLabs tracks copies of not only malfunctions, but also malware. At the same time, he conducts an automated check for compliance with the requirements of the European regulation of GDPR.

    DataLabs ensures that there are no personal data of people who wish to recall them in the backup. This should increase information security in client companies. According to a Cisco study , fewer data leakages occur in companies with a relevant GDPR.


    Veeam customers, who have already tested the new version of the product, rated the update positively. According to the CEO of the cloud provider OffsiteDataSync, employees of his organization liked the ability to quickly transfer data from backups to virtual machines. This allows you to experiment with server configuration and find the best settings.

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    There are, however, some system flaws in the system update, which, on the contrary, may complicate the transfer of data between media. As The Register writes , in the Veeam system, backups for a specific virtual machine are saved as a “chain of files”, united by a common registry with metadata.

    If the user wants to move a separate part of the archive for a virtual machine, for example, data for a certain day or month, he will not be able to do it. "Chains" of files can be transferred between environments only entirely. This makes the system less flexible and can interfere with start-up start-ups, which will have to allocate separate permanent storage for large archives.

    Similar services

    There are other cloud backup tools on the market. One of them is Commvault Backup & Recovery. Backup service based on this tool, for example, we provide in IT-GRAD . One of the most important functions of the Commvault platform is built-in machine learning algorithms that optimize system performance and look for anomalies in its operation.

    The last update of the backup platform called Service Pack 13 was released in the autumn of 2018. Commvault has new integrations with third-party services, for example, with MongoDB and Oracle PaaS big data processing tools.

    Also in Commvault they implemented some experimental functions: service management using voice assistants and a load balancing tool on database indexing servers. The company also updated the platform algorithms. Now they know how to determine when and on what drives the storage space runs out.

    Another important innovation is the ability to automatically convert virtual machines. For example, if a copy is stored for a VMware machine, the Commvault system can immediately restore it in Azure Stack or another format.


    In the coming years, cloud backup storage services are expected to become more popular.

    According to a senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group research organization, the increased demand for such platforms is associated with the increasing popularity of the hybrid cloud. In such systems, it is important to easily transfer data from on-premise to the cloud platform and vice versa.

    The growth of the hybrid market segment is predicted for at least the next two years. Therefore, it can be expected that platforms similar to Veeam and Commvault will attract more users.

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