The perfect job interview?

    Suddenly the idea of ​​a perfect interview came up: the candidate should interview you.

    Once again: the applicant must ask you (the person making the decision on hiring) questions in order to find out your level of competence in the subject of the vacancy.

    For example, you need a PHP programmer, and you have selected several resumes for an in-person interview. A candidate has come, you tell him: “Ask me about my knowledge? Would you hire me? Would you start working with me as a team? ”One will ask:“ how to fold lines ”, another:“ name as many ways as possible to output data to the buffer and how they differ ”, - third:“ what are the features of connecting PHP modules in Windows ".

    It’s not a fact that you yourself will go through this interview, but on the questions asked by the applicant you will immediately understand his level, experience, personal qualities and more. Literally in 5-10 minutes.

    The scheme is new, so far it has not been possible to test.
    I publish,

    I’m sharing it for someone to try :-) Do you have simple and elegant interviewing schemes?

    UPDATE : In the discussion, an augmented interview algorithm with a claim to ideality was born .

    UPDATE 2 : My conclusions from the comments :
    Perhaps this is precisely how the idea of ​​the topic should be generalized: one way or another, one needs to check the ability to ask questions on the topic.
    The ability to ask such questions characterizes both fluency in the context and the personality traits of the candidate.
    And conducting a mirror interview is one of the ways to verify this.

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