Emigration to Northern Cyprus

    I am writing this post as a simple driver (or even copy- pasteurist ) on behalf of the user medin , because he was somewhat restrained in karma, and my friends and I did not manage to raise it to the proper level. So all the grades are him , not me.


    What does it say? It is necessary to build a house, grow a tree, raise a son. But there are also concepts of security and a bright future.

    I want to tell you about the most real country for emigration, it’s easy to enter it and stay to live just for you - a simple worker in the IT sector.

    The name of this country is Northern Cyprus, and officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). (some photos are clickable)



    There is “Cyprus” (also known as “Southern Cyprus”, is friends with Greece), on the other, slightly smaller half of the island, is “Northern Cyprus”, which is friends with Turkey. They are connected by one name and a common history. Back in the year 74, there was an armed conflict, the echoes of which wander around the Internet, creating many myths, often unfounded. South Cyprus is a recognized state and is a member of the EU, which means that to live and work there is a long and tedious process that was described in other "IT emigrations". Northern Cyprus is a state officially recognized by Turkey and not quite officially by Great Britain. At the same time, medveput (or rather Putin seems to be the one I confuse them all the time), as it was on TV, I said that it would be time to treat Northern Cyprus as an equal member of the world community. TRNC is large-scale funded by Turkey and constantly receives fabulous tranches to support and develop the economy. And wealthy citizens of Turkey with great pleasure build five-star hotels and casinos on the coast, which are actively taking tourists from different countries. Mostly British travel, who bought 80% of real estate and after launching direct flights, Italians and Germans frequented, not to mention Russians. REN-TV essay on non-recognition and conflict . Wikipedia .

    The country opened up to the world quite recently, and this is reflected in the value of real estate: real estate prices affordable for almost everyone, are comparable to the cost in any average region of Russia and naturally lower than in any European country, including southern Cyprus. If you have a commercial vein, then you can easily implement it here. You won’t earn millions, but you can raise 10-15 thousand dollars a month. The state is actively attracting investment in the economy, tourists and real estate buyers.

    Someone calls Northern Cyprus "a paradise hidden from prying eyes" (a hidden paradise), Habr can call it all a freebie. By the way, in Turkish it sounds like an “Avanta” will probably come in handy in the future;)

    There will be many letters below - do not be alarmed, but about everything. After reading, you can safely pack your bags and move :)

    Bright future.

    Imagine such a picture.
    Sunday, you flatter on one of the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast in an embrace with your wife, Komsomol member, athlete, beauty, you are refreshed by a light sea breeze, and in your other hand a bottle of fogged Ephesus. What more could you want from life? Is that where to go in the evening? There are plenty of options ...

    You can go to Liman in the evening (the tourist center of Girne) and sitting under the starry southern sky (yes! Stars are visible here at night) slowly absorb local delicacies (average bill per person is 600 rubles with alcohol) and stare at yachts and imposingly strolling tourists.

    You can go try your luck at the local casinos beckoning with their lights and eternal holiday. Each self-respecting casino has a buffet and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Having spent, for example, 20 lira on slot machines (about 400 rubles), you can eat and drink all night long at the expense of the establishment and spend time recklessly :) A trifle, but nice!

    Well, or play bowling with friends. Then a magnificent family entertainment center such as StarGalaxy opened. On the ground floor there is a bowling alley and a bar-cafe, and on the ground floor there are children's entertainments, from small to large. There you can have fun in air hockey, billiards, watch 4D movies, slam into super modern slot machines. If you have a small one, then you can fuse it there, and in the meantime, suck whiskey and cola on the game track.


    And I live here in such a complex (3 "apartment buildings" + a common pool): This area is called Lapta and is ~ 10km from the center of Girne. In general, the Girne stretches along the coast and smoothly passes into areas on the right and left sides. The apartment itself: 3 bedrooms, lounge, 2 bathrooms, barbecue area. If you shoot it, then pay 250 pounds (multiply by 48 rubles = 12000r). If you buy it - 60 000 pounds (2 880 000 rub). Extra charges: utility bills to an uncle who looks after the cleanliness of the pool and the complex as a whole - an average of 15 pounds a month from an apartment; electricity and water - an average of $ 60 (* 29r) per person. In winter, heating must be added to the costs.





    Average prices for renting housing here: 350-400 pounds (* 48r) for 3 bedrooms + salon; from 250 pounds for 1 bedroom + salon, all in the center of Girne.

    Average purchase prices in the world:
    Take a spherical three-room apartment in a vacuum. 2 bedrooms and a salon.
    Price in Spain (Mediterranean): 9 million rubles. (70-80 m2)
    Price in Montenegro, Bulgaria (Mediterranean): 3.5 million rubles. (70-80 m2)
    Price in southern Cyprus: 6.5 million rubles. (100-120 m2)
    Price in Moscow: 8 million rubles. (65-80 m2)
    Price in Chelyabinsk (Urals): 2-3 million rubles. (65-80 m2)
    Price in the third largest city of the Chelyabinsk region Miass (the coast of Lake Turgoyak ): 1.5-2 million rubles. (65-80 m2) Hi Miass! :)
    Price in Northern Cyprus (again, our beloved Mediterranean): 1.5-2 million rubles. (70-80 m2) Taram! Moreover, loans are available for foreigners (more on this below).


    Work and migration legislation

    When buying housing here, you can get a residence permit (residence permit) within 21 days from the date of application, which allows you to stay in the country for as long as you like. True, when submitting documents you need to attach an extract from the bank stating that you have between 8-10 thousand dollars in your account and a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the absence of crime for your person. But there are options. When buying real estate, you can transfer money to your account and take an extract, and then withdraw it, but at the same time the extract will already be attached to your documents. You can become a citizen after 5 years of permanent residence here.

    Residence permit does not give the right to work. If you buy housing, you can work either legally or remotely. For legal work for a local employer, there is a work visa - it is not very easy to obtain an employer, but if it is given, then for one year it is no longer difficult to renew. Visa conditions: 1000 euros (* 43r) must be put on deposit, they will be returned to the employer after your dismissal and 333 (* 20r) lira of monthly deductions to the state (such a “complex” tax). Who is paying this? How to agree :) The employer pays de jure. The average salary here is 1,200 lire (24,000 rubles). For work you will need 2 languages ​​- Turkish and English. Your freelance


    If you already earn more than the average remuneration and the minimum local salary (24,000 rubles), then you can say life was good :) Banks here bloom and smell and do not ask where you got something on the account. You can be directly paid with international bank transfers, or you can make an intermediary in the form of a Russian bank (or your country) with Internet banking:
    money from the customer -> Russian account -> Cyprus account -> cash or card
    or money from the customer -> Russian account -> map.
    Cards are accepted almost everywhere.


    All the fees that you owe to the state are described above. It is also a tax haven. Security


    They don’t steal here at all, you can leave the car calmly open, and for the sake of interest put your beech * gee *. Come back in an hour and be pleasantly surprised ... to the containers! - everything is in place. Doors in the house can also not be closed, and you can close ... no difference.

    Medicine is on average equal to the cost in Moscow, it can be a little cheaper, but believe me, getting sick in the fresh air and under such living conditions you still have to try.

    The military is respected, but not afraid. You can meet them only within the army unit, in extreme cases, to conduct a glance passing "UAZ". This is one of the myths of the internet. In general, they are enough ... these are Greek insinuations. Write in PM, we will discuss, in vain. Children


    My Russian acquaintance has three girls, from 1.5 to 7 years old, studying at Sunny Laine School. All are happy both parents and children. They already speak 3 languages ​​(training in English and Turkish), adapted quickly. It costs only 300 pounds per month. But this is a pathos school where children spend a full day with meals and transfers. There are public free schools where education is no worse. There are generally 6 powerful universities in Northern Cyprus. The most advanced of them is GAU ( Girne American University ) where an international diploma is issued, which is very welcome for students from different countries, including from the former CIS ( in VKontakte you can search for the GAU uni ). By the way, education is another way to get here.

    Neither adults nor children will show off. The cult of clothes is not here. It doesn’t matter to everyone what you are wearing, a normal European approach. Relationships, friendships and other human values ​​are valued. And this is not the last reason why often Muscovite parents, whose hair is already standing on end, what to wear and what to bring their child to school or college, send their children here.



    Languages: Turkish, English. Unfortunately, one can’t hear about municipal courses in the south, but the Turkish government did such an open-language course and posted it here . Although knowledge of 100 English words is enough for life.

    Currency: in shops, good restaurants and gas stations, they accept the American dollar, the pound English, the Turkish lira on an equal footing - it is the main currency. 1 lira (TL) = 19-21r, which would be easier to assume, let it be 20 rubles.

    Transport: minibuses travel around the city (the longest route is 3 lira (60r), I travel from my area to the office for 2.5 lira). If you plan to live here, then you need a vehicle. The car is the most popular, then they drive here on "stools", then on normal motorcycles and even on ATVs - it’s built according to popularity / observance :) They drive everything carefully. 95th gasoline costs 1.85 lira. The distances here are small. If you do not have rights yet - get them in Russia (there is a moment of cheating here, if interested - ask). Training in Turkish.

    Food prices: I generally said about prices - they are equal to ours. But there are bonuses: everything is fresh, in the season of a fruit, prices for it tend to zero.

    Local population: Turkish Cypriots, Turks, the elderly British, tourists, Russians are, but there is little and the contingent differs from southern Cyprus. Local people are friendly and responsive, slow and wayward. Everyone around smokes everywhere :( Muslims are not pronounced, Europeanized. In the evenings, you can hear the imams calling for prayer.

    Internet: 3G (like Yota in speed) is limited - 10 gigs per month for 90 lira + 20 lira for SIM and mega connection is unstable. The home provider will take 70 lira for a megabit unlimited.

    Climate: well, it’s a paradise and it’s a paradise in Africa :) All year round 30 degrees with the exception of 3 very hot months - July, August, September and “winter” when it rains lightly and the temperature drops to terrible plus 15 :)) Autumn, winter and spring from November to March.

    Departure to other countries: via Turkey using a Russian passport (or your country).

    Entry: for a citizen of Russia a visa-free message (in my opinion, they generally let everyone in so far). You can stay in the country for up to 30 days (a visa is issued at the airport upon arrival). The ticket costs (round-trip) 16-20000r. Flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov, Almaty, Astana, Ashgabat, Baku, Bishkek, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Dushanbe, Kiev, Minsk, Odessa, Simferopol, Tashkent.



    You% average username% this does not apply.
    The country lives on tourism and real estate sales. Tourists are traveling. But the real estate boom was in 2004 thanks to pensioners from England. There is now a crisis and pensioners are in no hurry to sell their belongings for cheap.


    Who wrote all this

    Hi habr :) This is my first post of ours.
    I am 24 years old and I got a job recently in the Russian company of a real estate developer. I have been on the island for almost 3 weeks and plan to stay for a long time. My previous migration was from the Chelyabinsk region to Moscow. My photos (just the colors corrected in the lightroom), but three weeks was not enough to write the whole text alone and the forums and our office helped me.

    We are in the city of Girne (Kyrenia). Our company - Alaska Estate Constructions. Do not spit on the site much - I'm here just to make a difference. But all you need is there.


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