Free cheese can be delicious

    Take a seat nearby. Sit down, it will be a long story. I myself did not know how long it was when I started to tell her.
    Do you like scary tales? Me not. In any case, I thought so.
    But we are rarely given the opportunity to do only what we love.
    The main thing to remember at the beginning is that this tale is not about you. She could happen, and she could happen, but not with you.
    You are safe, in a world that is solid and reliable. You are not in this fairy tale, and even if the opposite seems to you, you were mistaken. Believe me.
    And if you read to the end, and something dark touches you - do not be alarmed. Just a terrible tale told by scary people.
    This tale is not about you.

    Sergey Lukyanenko “Autumn Visits”

    Why do companies work? The most common answer: to make money. This is the correct answer, but not complete. To live, a person needs to eat, drink, breathe and fulfill other natural needs. Without food, you can stretch out for a while, without water - less, without air - just a little. Companies in this regard are similar to people, money is their food, water and air. Without them they die. But just as few people see their destiny only in satisfying themselves with devouring more resources, so few companies have as their main goal to earn more. But just like the majority of people have to earn their bread in their sweat, forgetting about their highest destiny, so many companies concentrate on earning, forgetting what is commonly called the “mission”.

    To live well, a company can go in two ways: earn more or spend less. Better - both. But with the first point, many have problems, respectively, the second way often becomes the only one. What is the main cost item for any company? The answer is known - payroll. We will talk further on how to reduce it, preferably so that the wolves are well fed and the sheep are safe. Everyone decides to whom they belong to wolves or sheep, just do not forget that at any moment the situation can change by 180 degrees.

    Team building

    Often called "debility". Why so rude? Because team building seems to be a very simple event, and everyone considers himself an expert. To the contrary, often his organization is entrusted to anyone who gets in, the marketing department is not the worst option, maybe the director’s secretary will turn up.

    But, let's say that the company conducted it competently. What is the benefit for the company? Obviously, in establishing informal relations between the management team, subordinates and various (sometimes warring) units. It is much harder to refuse the person with whom the table was shared, shelter and pull the rope in the same team, in a request that goes beyond direct duties and requiring to stay at work for a couple of hours. The second plus is a change of scenery and, in fact, forced rest, both from work and from your beloved wife, dog and canary: loyalty to the company is increasing. Third: under the influence of alcohol or simply in a relaxed state, brilliant ideas can be born in the minds of employees, which in a sober form, they would never have voiced, and even less would have agreed with other divisions of the company. It rarely happens, but it's worth it.

    Having built a causal relationship, we see a direct expression in money: loyal employees - less staff turnover, and therefore lower costs for finding and training personnel; employees begin to work more, both qualitatively and quantitatively, for the same salary; business processes that have changed from below can, in the long run, save, or even bring, companies significant amounts.

    When team building turns into debility, everything can have the exact opposite effect.

    Social package

    Voluntary medical insurance, a fitness center, partial or full payment for travel to the place of vacation, a corporate car and other benefits paid by the company.

    Here you have to do a little bookkeeping. On the one hand, an employee can buy all this himself, but then he needs an appropriate salary. On the other hand, a company with the lion's share of the money required for a social package, in its absence, will have to part in the form of various taxes. A company can, due to volume discounts, acquire all of the above much cheaper than an individual. Accordingly, the amount spent on a social package is much less than the amount by which it would be necessary to increase the salary so that the employees would buy all this themselves. Well, for any sane leader, the answer to the question of giving money to the state in the form of taxes, or to your own employees in the form of a social package, is obvious.

    A common mistake made by both companies and employees is that companies do not talk about the market value of the social package, and employees do not consider it and focus only on the average market rate for their specialty, considering competitors' proposals.

    Mission, Vision and Corporate Values

    It would seem - just fashionable events advertised by business consultants. But not everything is so straightforward. With a competent approach, these concepts can reduce the cost of finding personnel, their loyalty and administrative costs (management costs). All these three concepts are present in any company, but not all of them are formulated.

    Now in more detail.

    Personnel officers will not have to weed out people who do not comply with corporate values ​​at interviews; a much smaller number of such personnel will send a resume. A smaller number will be dismissed (on their own or by force) on a trial period, due to inconsistency with the global views of the company.

    It is much more pleasant to work in an organization whose position corresponds to your life priorities. I do not want to consider the proposals of competitors, even with a higher salary, but with incomprehensible outlooks on life.

    Fewer approvals and bureaucracy hindering processes. Many questions whether or not to do something will be resolved based on the company's mission and its values. For example, if quality is important for the company, the manager will not need to make a decision in agony and coordination about a project where speed is important and quality cannot be ensured. Also, many questions will not bother ordinary employees: the answers to them will be known.

    Well, lastly

    If you happen to work in a company where all of the above is successfully applied, do not forget that management does this not out of philanthropy, but to increase profits. If you suddenly run a company and want to reduce costs by such methods, do not forget that you will apply all this to specific living people and, God forbid, they will suspect the falsity of your actions.

    In general, all this is just a terrible tale.

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