MPAA legal movie watching site not indexed by search engines

    TorrentFreak reports that last week, the MPAA, the American Film Association, launched (“where to watch”), which contains information about the ability to legally watch movies. And it seems that the base of films is not bad and there is enough information (information about places for watching films is limited by the territory of the USA). And MPAA Chris Dodd says: “ offers a simple, well-functioning and comprehensive search for legal content - all in one place. It gives you the quality content you deserve, while supporting the hard work of filmmakers and television series makers. ” But the site has a big drawback - it is completely unfriendly for search engines.

    At the same time, the site developers obviously did not have a clue about the basic principles of SEO. As a result, all links to movies are processed using JavaScript, and major search engines are simply not able to index them. Using the BrowSEO service, you can see how the page of this site looks from the point of view of the search engine. Even in the absence of direct prohibitions in the robots.txt file, the site still remains inaccessible to search engines. An unfortunate mistake - despite the fact that the MPAA is constantly hammering Google with requests to remove this or that content from the search results.

    For its part, Google does not always satisfy these requests. For example, last week, out of 81 requests submitted by the organization, 60 were not satisfied. Perhaps because the MPAA does not bother with requests to delete specific pages of the site - if it finds illegal, from her point of view, content somewhere on the site, it requires to remove its home page from issuing Google commented on this: “We have developed a lot of the rules on the topic of satisfying legal requirements, while we cut off requests for the removal of incorrectly identified pages or material that is too indirect in relation to the violation of rights. ”

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