The court wants to recover $ 1.7 million from the owner of the forum for discussing the developer

    On May 21, a court in the Dnieper district of Kiev ruled in favor of St Sophia Homes, according to which the owner of the forum, which unites residents of one of the Kiev houses, should pay 14 million hryvnias (equivalent to 1.7 million dollars).

    On the Riviera Riverside. Territory of housing lawlessness - The website of the residents of Raisa Okipnoy 18 »the residents of the house exchanged opinions and discussed the problems of the house.

    The essence of the lawsuit was that the forum does not legally use trademarks, and the domain itself is very similar to the developer’s domain. Also, according to the plaintiff, the forum is disseminating untrue information, because of which the sales of apartments in the house on ul. R. Okipnoy. Therefore, the plaintiff considers that the owner of the forum should bear all responsibility.

    The owner’s apartment has been seized by the court. In the apartment he lives with his family, including two young children, who are one year old and 3 months old.

    This is not the first such case, last year one of the courts in the Odessa region sentenced individuals to compensation for moral damage based on screenshots from a local Internet forum.

    upd: Here are the details of the situation and the divorce scheme with the pseudo-OSMD.

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