Anonymizers at risk of closure

    In September, the State Duma already discussed the issue of the possibility of blocking the work of so-called anonymizing sites that provide access to Internet resources bypassing the block. At that time, the unrest subsided.
    After a series of blocking of known Internet resources, a site owned by a pirate party began to distribute alternative links for the possibility of accessing blocked sites, as well as instructions for self-login via anonymizers.
    After these events, Elena Mizulina, one of the authors of the bill “On protecting children from information harmful to their health,” plans to amend the law restricting the work of anonymizers.

    “Perhaps we will need to draft a bill, and I don’t exclude the possibility that resources that host mechanisms of circumvention of the law on their website may be blacklisted,” Mizulina added.

    - We warned about all the consequences at the stages of amending the bill. None of our amendments were taken into account. We are reaping the benefits of having consulted with the industry, but its wishes were not taken into account. The fruits are there, ”says Vorobyov, director of public relations and public relations. bodies registrars Ru-Center.

    Without going into the intent of the bill, apparently the saying "Measure seven times, cut once" does not work for us. The initiative was legalized, and now we need to think about how to patch holes.

    Another round in the struggle of those who support the initiative and dissent is gaining tension.


    If the law is passed, office workers who use anonymizers to bypass corporate firewalls will be left without social networks.

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