Alexei Mitrofanov said the need for regulation on the Internet

    State Duma deputy Aleksey Mitrofanov, who recently became the head of the media committee, said that regulation was needed on the Internet.

    “I think that we are all interested, when there are already hundreds of thousands and millions of sites, to clean up this space somehow. It’s necessary to establish some rules, ”Mitrofanov said today, commenting on the law on“ black lists ”of sites. At the same time, he emphasized that the regulation of the Internet will take place in a milder form compared to China.

    It is worth noting that more recently, the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the need to ensure the unhindered distribution of information on the Internet, which enshrines the position that the rights and freedoms of an individual should be protected on the Internet to the same extent as in real life. Disagreement with the document was expressed only by Russia, China and India.


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