For slander on the Internet, perhaps, will be punished

    The Internet Defamation Initiative needs to be discussed by the online community, bloggers, experts, community organizations, and lawyers. This was stated by First Deputy State Duma Committee on Education Vladimir Burmatov.

    At the same time, the parliamentarian noted that the distortion is that the initiative to protect against slander on the Internet has already begun to come down to criticize the authorities. “It seems to me that this is not entirely right, because it’s not the authorities that suffer from slander, but individuals, business entities, companies whose reputation is affected by the placement of knowingly false, defamatory information,” said the first deputy chairman of the Duma committee.

    “In addition, unscrupulous criticism costs big losses for companies. At the same time, for people who are victims of such criticism, it does not matter where it was posted: in the official media or anonymously on the Internet, the effect of the latter is often more serious, ”he added.

    According to Burmatov, today the legislation lags behind the pace of development of the Network. “There can be no gray zones free of legislation on the Internet, and there is no country in the world, this is obvious. However, the fact that we have some gaps is equally explainable: the legislation lags behind the pace of network development, since these rates are colossal. Russia is one of the leaders in terms of growth of the Internet segment within the state, ”he said.

    Thus, the more open and widespread the discussion of the anti-libel initiative on the Internet, the more proposals are submitted, the more likely it is that an interesting, high-quality norm will result, the parliamentarian said. “All attempts to reduce the conversation to self-defense of the authorities are provocative, simplify the initiative. We need to look at things more broadly and develop a working, effective legislative norm, ”concluded the first deputy chairman of the Duma committee.

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