Do you provide services over the Internet? Is the site hosted outside the Republic of Belarus? Pay a fine

    In my "former homeland" insanity has reached a new level. Quoting the source:

    Business entities engaged in the sale of goods, the performance of work, the provision of services in the Republic of Belarus using information networks, systems and resources connected to the Internet should pay attention: if these networks, systems or resources are not located in Belarus and (or) are not registered in the established manner, administrative penalties in the form of a fine of 10 to 30 basic units can be applied to entities.

    A fine in the form of a fine (from 5 to 15 basic units) may be imposed on officials of points of collective use of Internet services (computer clubs, Internet cafes, home networks and other places where users of Internet services are provided with collective access Internet) in case of violation of legislative acts on the identification of subscriber devices and users, on the accounting and storage of information about them, as well as on Internet services provided.


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