The bill for 2012: the government "black list" of sites to combat pedophilia, drug addiction and extremism

    Yesterday, a story appeared on the CNews website that the so-called “Safe Internet League” is preparing a bill to create an all-Russian “black list” of such sites to which no provider will have the right to provide access. Submission of the bill for consideration is scheduled for 2012, which is reasonable, because this bill is such that if you pass it before the election, Internet users, impressed by this new product, can, well, vote in an unplanned way.

    Few will regret pedophiles and drug addicts, but the fight against extremism is another matter, as it is a euphemism for unlimited political censorship of a wide scope: fighters against extremism, as I mentioned on Habrahabr, are not shy about destroying two million blogsif among them one unpleasant comes across. (To tell the truth, pedophile fighters sometimes go too far .) It’s easy to predict that the “black list of sites” will be a kind of Federal list of extremist materials , in which too many points cannot be read without Gogol’s laughter through tears.

    Even unpleasant is the likelihood that the appetite will come with food, so that the "black list of sites" will be replenished with other addresses that law enforcement officers could not get to in the traditional way. Well, for example, the address “” was taken away, but “” can’t be taken away - oh, whatthe temptation to blacklist the site! And in the end, it might turn out to be the worst option, like the Australian one , when the very contents of the “black list” are kept secret (so as not to arouse curiosity about the forbidden fruit), and WikiLeaks will be added to the list (to prevent leaks of state secrets), and for hyperlinks to forbidden sites will become unintelligible bust people with fines (eleven thousand dollars a day), and so on.

    But the probability is, as you know, there is.

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