Google accuses Microsoft of proxy war

    Last week, the EU launched an antitrust investigation against Google, initiated by small companies close to Microsoft. It turns out that this is not an isolated case. The Wall Street Journal Provides Evidencethe so-called "proxy war", that is, the global campaign organized by Microsoft against Google through small third-party companies and seemingly unrelated cases. There are more and more such “antitrust” cases, they start in individual countries and US cities, but, surprisingly, Google is opposed by highly paid lawyers from the best law firms, and sometimes Microsoft “former” top lawyers, now supposedly leading independent legal business. For example, the case of a small company in Ohio against Google leads the famous Charles Rule (Charles “Rick” Rule), a former head of the antitrust committee of the US Department of Justice.

    According to analysts, in the near future it can be expected that many small things will merge into one large-scale process against the online "monopoly" of Google. The results can be disastrous, the same as the results of the antitrust process against Microsoft in the late 90s. The corporation was not able to correct its image after that high-profile process. Before it started, it was a promising innovative company, and after the process it turned into a monopolist and a “corporation of evil” in the eyes of the public, and it still cannot change this image.

    Microsoft rejects charges of initiating lawsuits, but reaffirms its willingness to provide legal assistance in preparing claims to all victims of any monopoly.

    With the participation of Microsoft in Europe, the organization ICOMP (Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace) was created, the only target of legal claims of which is so far only one company. Of course, this is Google.

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