The question of dismissal, for me, is certainly not very pleasant. You understand that I really worked with my soul and that’s it. First, the official salary is set to the minimum, the office is transferred from the center to the outskirts, and then they cut it almost twice.

    In general, I decided to write a letter of resignation. And then the question arose - how, in fact, quit “competently”. The first thing that interests me is my situation (I think knowledgeable people will tell you).

    February 8, "turned" 5 months from the date of employment. Someone says that you can take a vacation for a period of two weeks, someone that you can take compensation for unused vacation with money. I would like to know what the RF Labor Code says about this.

    Thanks in advance for the answers.
    PS: I work on the “left dokumentamm” - I personally am not framed, but my girlfriend is framed, because I am not a resident of the Russian Federation. Although, I think this cannot affect the situation itself.

    UPD: in the process of reading the comments, the following questions arise (I will try to collect the main questions here):
    1. what is the order of dismissal at will
    2. what payments are made by the employer
    3. if it is not possible to get a vacation (according to article 122 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation) - you can whether to rely on compensation for unused vacation days

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