2015: Year of the Student


    Providing each student at school or university with a laptop or tablet does not change the quality of the learning process. In some cases, such a step, on the contrary, will negatively affect the learning of many students. Nevertheless, a qualitatively new education can be obtained by the student independently.

    For a school or institute, as a system, changing the learning process is quite difficult. Some teachers introduce an element of the novelty, but this happens infrequently. Nevertheless, in the new year, much will depend on the students themselves - on how much they themselves will be able to change their educational process. And various tools, products, resources will help students in this.

    2015 will be the year of the student.

    The changing role of the student

    The mention of the word “school” or “institute” immediately brings a vivid picture to most young people, middle-aged people and the elderly: a certain room where the teacher stands at the blackboard and tries to convey knowledge to his students. The teacher plays the main, dominant role in the whole process.

    Nowadays, on the contrary, the student’s role is changing. From a passive participant in the learning process to a student who complements and expands his consciousness and the educational process - one step. Now students can work on their own projects, which require creative thinking, the ability to solve problems, the ability to work in a team. In general, all that is required in the 21st century.

    The result is a quick acquaintance of a student with the real world, and such an acquaintance will no longer leave a negative imprint on the former dreamer of a beautiful life, as students were about 10 years ago. A modern student knows that everything is not easy, and you can get something only after hard work.

    Moreover, training opportunities in the modern world are extremely wide. Even a five-year-old can learn to program, with the proper learning process. Now, some young (and not only young) people learn so fast that they become more professionals than their own teacher - and, long before the completion of the learning process. Already few people can be surprised by the news about young people who created large companies, or got a job in large companies, even in the initial courses of the institute.

    Student learning

    If the student’s role is central, main, then this will allow the development of new trends in all parts of the educational system. Now there will be no conflict of interests between the administration, parents and the entire educational industry. Instead, teachers will become advisers to students, rather than being superiors. Also, teachers will be more likely to be interested in the recommendations of the students themselves.

    In addition, now there are more and more educational startups that complement the educational process, and very significantly.

    What is the result?

    As a result, all these changes are gradually changing the educational process. It has long been clear that education cannot be the same for everyone, and now every student can supplement the foundation with something that he likes. At the same time, leaving the walls of the educational institution, a student who really wanted to study. not only prepared for work, but also prepared for the perception of this external world, with all its shortcomings and advantages.

    In addition, the modern world is changing very quickly - and now students themselves will be able to keep up to date, even if the usual educational system will lag behind. According to some experts, more than 65% of current students will work in professions that do not even exist.

    And every student, student, will be able to prepare himself for his work and life himself. This is the future.

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