We Are Social: Internet, mobile communications and social networks in 2015

    In 2014, the number of Internet users increased by half a billion, 222 million new accounts appeared on social networks, and the total number of mobile users reached 3.65 billion people - 51% of the world's population. On average, people spend 4.4 hours a day on the Internet from a PC and 1.7 hours from mobile devices. 29% of people have active accounts on social networks, where they spend 2.4 hours daily. 64% of Britons shop online, and 37% of South Koreans use smartphones for this. In a report on 376 pages,

    We Are Social talked about trends in the Internet, mobile communications and social networks. The agency used data from 240 countries and examined in detail 30 countries, including Russia.

    The world's population grew by 1.6% and amounted to 7.21 billion people. The number of active Internet users has grown by 21% - by 525 million people. 2.078 billion people are actively using social networks, that is 29% of the world's population. More than half of people worldwide use mobile communications.

    Internet penetration by country.

    Average internet speed in Mbps. Russia took 8th place.


    Over 62% of web page views in 2014 were made from laptops and personal computers, which is 13% less than the year before last. But the number of views from smartphones increased by 39% and amounted to 31% of the total number of views on the Internet. The number of views from tablets has grown by 17%.

    Apple Safari browsers outperformed Android browsers by the number of requests for web pages by 8 percent. The remaining mobile platforms divided among themselves only 30.2% of requests.

    This infographic shows the amount of time users in different countries spend on the Internet. Most of the time on the network from personal computers and laptops spend time in the Philippines - an average of 6.3 hours a day. From mobile devices to the Internet most like to go to Saudi Arabia - 4.2 hours.

    Russians spend 4.8 hours a day online from computers and 1.7 hours from mobile devices.


    Online shopping is most loved in the UK. When asked whether you bought something online in the past month, 64% of respondents in this country answered positively. Germany and South Korea are slightly behind, while the United States is on the fifth line. In Russia, 30% of respondents answered this question in the affirmative.

    According to the results of the same survey, but on the topic of purchases from mobile devices, South Korea took the first line by a wide margin - 37% of respondents bought something using a smartphone. In Russia, only 8%.

    mobile connection

    The total number of unique mobile users in 2014 amounted to 3.65 billion people - this is 51% of the world's population. The number of connected SIM cards amounted to 7.09 billion. For every person in the world there are 1.94 SIM cards.

    Social networks

    The number of users of the most popular social network - Facebook - in the past year amounted to 1 billion 366 million. 343 million people use Google+, and 300 million use Instagram. The most common instant messaging service has become Chinese QQ.

    In Singapore, 66% of the population actively use social networks. They are followed by Hong Kong and Argentina with 64% and 60% respectively. In Russia, 46% are actively sitting on Vkontakte and other social networks.

    The most time spent on social networks is Filipinos and Argentines - 4.3 hours a day. In Russia, this figure was 2.5 hours.

    The full version of the report.

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