In China, brought to the knees of failed sales managers

    Photo by CEN passing by CEN News Agency

    See these bent backs on the bridge? This is exactly how the sales managers in the unknown (for now) company of Xiamen city of the Chinese province of Fujian were punished for their insufficient work.

    It’s unpleasant to overshoot your own goals, but we’re used to the maximum penalty: lack of a salary bonus or, in the worst case, an unpleasant conversation with superiors.

    Pedestrians, capturing a kind of punishment, said that these people were not only forced to kneel on the bridge, asking for an apology - in front of them were pieces of paper with inscriptions telling what each of them was guilty of. With a mention of the name and age.

    In front of Chen Liu, 43, there was a tablet with a handwritten sentence: "I did not manage my sales plan."

    Before Ming Chu, 39 years old, there was a piece of paper with the text: “I have to kneel on this bridge for an hour, as a punishment for the work that has not been done.”

    After one of the passers-by photographed the unfortunate salespeople and posted the pictures on the net, the story began to spread virally. Of course, most users were outraged that the unknown company was thus humiliating its own employees.

    According to eyewitnesses, one of the perpetrators could not stand the public punishment and, deciding that he was enough, got up with a cry, crumpled up and threw away the tablet before leaving. The remaining three remained in place, not noticing the demarche of a colleague.

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    How would you punish a guilty sales manager?

    • 9.9% Kneeling on the street 62
    • 21.1% Put on a flight attendant costume 132
    • 19.2% Sent to a matinee in kindergarten 120
    • 38% Lost Bonus 237
    • 9.9% Dismissed 62
    • 1.6% Custom version in comments 10

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