The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №337 (October 29 - November 4, 2018)

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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Release №145: Dark mode in Safari, WebAssembly in Chrome, what's new in CSS, sorting CSS properties, variable fonts with foldback, why designers don't get hooks, or React in new ways.
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 77 - Alexander Amosov about why you should start working with 3D in the browser
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) podcast # 71 To work for Ilona Mask via rectal hooks
    podcastDevshakhta podcast: # 55: Being a Team Leader
    CSSSRpodcast Podcast News 512 - Issue No. 27 (10.29 - 04.11)
    videoVadim Makeyev's Video Blog # 8. Who are the developers, manual SVG and exciting underscore
    videoDevShow from loftblog # 86: PostCSS, junk javascript, caching

    Web development

    enCreating your own dysfunctional SPA in five easy steps.
    enTags to DOM . How HTML tags are transformed into building blocks that form what we see on the screen
    enThe importance of using standards in development teams
    enHow I do full-fledged web development from my iPad Pro


    Learning a CSS Grid in 5 minutes
    enImplementing a variable font with a web-based fallback
    enCSS working group at TPAC: what's new in CSS?
    enAbout switching from HEX & RGB to HSL
    enHow to organize your CSS using modular architecture (OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS)
    enHow to write really awful CSS
    enSimple naming in the Grid Area
    enAnimation of preview images in grids


    habrWormholes in JavaScript
    Refactoring in NodeJS using higher-order functions
    Google denies logging into an account when JavaScript is disabled in the browser
    enGraphQL is bad and good
    enOrientation in the creepy JavaScript world
    enPersonal review of tools for automated testing in the JavaScript world
    enFull modern javascript reference


    Firefox 63 , technical review by Marat Tanalin.
    Firefox 65 will support WebP image format.
    Firefox Lite 1.0.0 compact mobile browser is available.
    New machine learning systems from Facebook and Google. Code for coloring black and white photos
    enWebAssembly Threads are ready for testing in Chrome 70
    enLessons after defeat: remove the old debugger from Firefox


    Compilation of fresh courses for IT specialists from famous universities
    Google launches reCAPTCHA v3, which automatically recognizes bad traffic
    Facebook has been developing AI, which will make it easier for people with disabilities to watch
    It was or wasn’t: a review of the Bloomberg investigation of Chinese spy chips
    10 years : what to expect next
    «Cloud profession of the future": what will be engaged in the IoT-architect and AI-programmer
    Founder of ABBYY David Yang - about Yva service to analyze the behavior of employees, the dangers of AI and role models
    Chronology Dr. technology Vitia: humanoid robots
    Who needs all this: the reaction of developers and designers to new devices from Apple

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