Using CommonJS Modules in Rails with Browserify

  • Tutorial


Javascript and Front-end as a whole are getting harder and harder. In my opinion, the standard delivery of Rails does not meet the modern needs of the Front-end developer. In addition, using Sprockets makes your code very Rails-specific, which makes it harder to build new developers unfamiliar with Rails.

In this video, using an example of a simple React.js application, I will show how you can migrate from Sprockets to Browserify.

This approach provides the following bonuses:

  • Managing Javascript package dependencies through npm;
  • The best tolling and integration with the IDE;
  • Decrease in frontend and backend connectivity;
  • The ability to highlight the frontend in a separate application and repository. That may not be a bonus at first glance, but it’s quite convenient when you work as a large team on a large application.

The application code is available on the github:

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