Roskomnadzor is going to collect a fine from Google

    Today it became known that Roskomnadzor launched a procedure for collecting a fine from Google, as reported by Vedomosti. The first stage is the notification of the preparation of a protocol on administrative violation.

    The agency invites a representative of an American company to participate in the procedure. The minutes will be drafted at the end of this month. The problem is that the company has not connected to the state system with a list of sites banned in the Russian Federation. The fact is that search services are obliged to exclude websites that have been blocked in Russia for ever, as well as extremist resources, child pornography, etc., from being released.

    According to the Code of Administrative Offenses, the penalty for issuing links to sites that are blocked by a court decision is 3000-5000 rubles for individuals, 30000-50000 for officials, 500000-700000 - for legal entities.

    The decision on the fine must be taken by the court, which Roskomnadzor turns to. If the court takes the side of the department, it will be the first fine of this kind, issued by a large Internet company.

    Roskomnadzor said that Google was notified of the need to connect to the registry a few months ago. Then the service turned to the Russian division of the search engine, as well as its headquarters. But the reminder did not give any results.

    About a week ago, Roskomnadzor admitted that the service would not need to start an administrative case in the event that the search engine promptly correct the violations. However, it was decided to run the fine procedure. Roskomnadzor has already sent a notice to the corporation by e-mail. A little later, another notice will be sent to the company's headquarters in the United States on paper form. This is necessary to comply with all procedures.

    The compilation of the protocol is scheduled for the end of November, since the delivery of the notice may take several weeks.

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