Unscheduled Friday Announcement

    Hello! Today we have an unscheduled contact with all the authors of Habr, since yesterday we turned into a feature one bug of the new mobile version of Habr (which was announced on September 3).

    Despite the fact that the new mobile version does not work very long to draw any global conclusions, we are pleasantly pleased with the first results of the launch:

    There are a lot of errors in this comparison, we will study in more detail later

    But it turned out that from the very start the views through it were not taken into account counters views publications. In order to restore real indicators, we sifted logs and added up missed requests for the entire period, as a result of which on the viewing graphs in the admin panel, all active users and companies had “spiers” (some have already managed to take them for cheating). But this, as they say, is not a bug, but a feature, don't panic! The charts themselves are already trimmed.

    Failure of one of the active companies

    We continue to pump the mobile version of Habr and this is what we did this week (the list of changes for the month was here ):

    • corrected cutting off the last word when adding a comment on Android;
    • comments added to the user’s profile;
    • removed the notification of the transition to a new mobile version;
    • disabled the ability to switch to the old version;
    • increased the tapa zone on the counters under the post;
    • corrected several minor bugs.

    The function of folding comment threads on the way.

    We also paid close attention to your comments about the appearance and information content of the publication tape in the new mobile version. Opinions on how best to do, divided. Therefore, to complete the picture we want to look at the results of the vote.

    Now we are considering three options:

    1. Compact view - only headers of publications and their metrics are visible in text form; The screen fits 4-5 entries.
    2. Card view - expressive typography of headings and clickable metrics with graphics; 2-3 entries fit on the screen.
    3. Informative view - headlines of publications with a picture before kata and a small introductory text; in this case, the screen fits no more than 1 publication.

    Each option has its pros and cons. Which one you like best, which one would you like to use by default?

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Sign in , please.

    Which option do you like more?

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