AMD fixes microprocessor microcode vulnerability

    AMD will release a firmware update tomorrow for its Piledriver architecture microprocessors ( AMD Piledriver Family 15h ). The update specializes in eliminating a vulnerability in virtualization code that could be used by attackers to escape from a virtual environment to a real OS. Vulnerabilities are affected by microprocessors with the latest microcode 0x6000832 and 0x6000836, which is used in server variants such as Opteron 6300 or client series FX, as well as Athlon.

    When a vulnerability is triggered, the microprocessor can interpret part of the data as executable code and execute it, which will lead to an abnormal termination of the process in the virtual machine. In turn, this will circumvent the limitations of the hypervisor and execute code on a real OS. In the case of a server, an attacker, under the guise of a regular user, on a guest virtual machine can gain access to the entire server, and with maximum privileges.

    The vulnerability is present in the code associated with the processing of non-maskable NMI interrupts and is specific to those versions of the microcode that were mentioned above. Using the command / proc / cpuinfo on Linux, you can check the identifier (ID) of the processor running on the system. The update itself will be available for download and in manual mode on the website.

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